Extremely popular in the land of the rising sun! A warm cup or a refreshing cold brew? A handy XL bag for 2 liters in one go or the S bags for 1 cup, the choice is yours! You can use all our bags to make both hot and cold OOKII.

The basis of our blend is Mister Okumura, a true master of his craft. He grows, steams and roasts the barley in a traditional way in the shadow of Mount Fuji. 100% organic, 110% expertise.

Rich in antioxidants and packed with goodness, without caffeine, theine or sugar and completely organic!

Wonderfully refreshing for hot days and thanks to the incredibly moisturizing properties of mugicha, the cold version is ideal for summer. Pure or processed in a delicious cocktail or mocktail.

The truly unique Japanese taste, roasted, nutty and completely surprising. Just because you want to discover something new or as a healthy alternative to coffee and tea. Eliminate the caffeine, sugar and theine, insert natural greatness from crop to cup!
100% organically grown barley, carefully harvested and roasted in a traditional way.

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