OOKII 4gx15

OOKII mugicha Warm and cold


Packed with antioxidants and featuring the unique taste of roasted barley. For centuries, the Japanese have trusted the incredible hydrating properties of OOKII. Discover this heartwarming drink, brimming with beneficial ingredients!

Contents: 15 tea sachets, each 4g, perfect for brewing a single cup.

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Cafeïn free


Theïn free


Sugar free

Product information

Create your own 100% organic OOKII. Carefully harvested and traditionally roasted. Each pack contains 15 sachets of 4g each, perfect for brewing OOKII. Add a sachet to hot water for a warm infusion or to cold water for a refreshing cold brew. Let it steep to your desired strength and enjoy. Experience the unique roasted flavor with hints of nuts. After just one sip, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.